Bitcoin started out as a new concept that mostly ignored back in 2009. Today, however, Bitcoin is widely accepted as a payment option in many countries – not only can you now use to buy products and services with Bitcoin when shopping online, but even when buying at some local stores.

The big question on everyone’s mind now is: Where is Bitcoin headed to in the future?

While some suggest that Bitcoin will quickly becoming a “global currency”, others are fearing that the payment token may fall and just become another piece of history – something that reigned at one point and then was left behind by the human race.

(Remember the infamous Beanie Babies that sent everyone into a frenzy?)

Bitcoin is considered to be the original cryptocurrency and is quickly being integrated and accepted as a real currency in more-and-more countries. Even though Bitcoin still remains most popular in the United States, the currency is becoming more popular in other countries like the United Kingdom, China, Japan and even South Africa.

As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream, there will no longer be a need to carry cards or cash with you. A simple app on your mobile phone will allow you to manage your entire wealth portfolio. Shopping will become as easy as scanning a barcode. Many other advantages will also come into play as the currency continues to grow and make its way toward a globally accepted unit of currency.

Let’s consider some things that you can do with Bitcoin today:

  • Buy pizza from Pizza Hut, Papa John’s or Dominos using PizzaForCoins.
  • Buy movies, apps and games on the Windows Store and Xbox Store by depositing funds into your Microsoft account with Bitcoin.
  • Buy flight tickets from CheapAir.
  • Buy jewelry from Reeds Jewelry

And, of course, let’s not forget the fact that Starbucks have also started to accept Bitcoin!

In addition to being integrated in both local and online stores, Bitcoin is evolving even further. You can now buy Bitcoin vouchers at certain retailers. Bitcoin ATMs are also popping up in many locations, allowing you to easily withdraw Bitcoin stored in your wallet as cold hard cash.

So, Bitcoin is definitely becoming more mainstream. The question now is… do you feel comfortable managing your wealth through a digital currency, and how do you really feel about paying for a cup of coffee or ordering pizza with Bitcoin?