Okay so sex is all great and everything, but let’s be real, all of that amounts to nothing if you can’t set the mood, I mean no matter how big a Childish Gambino fan I am, I don’t want to be making out to ‘This is America’ – nobody does!


So, how do you avoid pre-coital disasters like mine?

Well, to start with my friend you plan – no I’m not telling you to plan when and where you are going to do the deed, that takes the spontaneity out of it right? But there is no reason you can’t plan for the inevitable – condoms and playlists (safe sex kids!).


So, what songs do you want on your list?

First off let’s be clear – you don’t want anything too crazy, I mean you want to get laid, not be talked into a twerk-fest.


The type of music you choose usually depends on the type of sex you like.

If your a Christian Grey kinda person, you are probably going to prefer something sultry, while if you’re more into the plain stuff, RnB is the way to go.


But regardless of preference, if you’re very vanilla or a box full of kinks – these 10 songs are pretty much fool-proof.


Here we go!

10. Heartburn – Wafia

Heartburn is a great slow EDM track that is perfect for a slow build, especially if your into a little bit of kink. We recommend silk ties.

9. K – Cigarettes After Sex

Again, perfect as an initial track on your list, not only does the slow beat build into the mood but, it’s low enough for you to still be bale to hear those soft sexy noises your partner is making.

8. What is Love – Kingdom (ft SKA)

Now, it’s about time to move out of first and second base, this right here is your OST to third base – slow enough to control the mood, fast enough to get you to start seeing sparks.

7. Crush – Yuna ft Usher

Okay so this one a bit of a different vibe, Yuna’s smooth vocals go over like whiskey on ice and tbh, are good enough to go on repeat if you’re in the mood to do some proper damage. Mood? Early Morning Sex-capades.

6. Versace on the Floor – Bruno Mars

Pretty self-explanatory.

5. Pleasure this Pain – Kwamie Liv

Another one for the BDSM crowd, a little bit of kink goes a long way and this is the perfect song to play to.

4. Body on Me – Rita Ora ft Chris Brown

This one is for the very vanilla crowd who wants to muffle those noises a bit, the beat is loud enough for you to be comfortably loud without being full club music.

3. Close – Nick Jonas ft Tove Lo

Fast tempo, great for the homerun.

2. Never Be the Same – Camilla Cabello

A little bit of retro always goes great, especially when it’s done right – and boy is this done right. Just remember, after-play is just as important as foreplay.

1. Closer – Chainsmokers

And for your final song, you have an all time classic, yes it’s been overplayed – but let’s be honest, it still works like a charm – especially if you’re looking for a casual, summer hookup.