Vincent Bal is a shadowologist who basically turns everyday objects into ingenious illustrations. He is also a Belgian filmmaker and illustrator.

In May 2016, while he was working on a new script, he noticed how the shadow of a teacup on his desk looked like a little elephant.

He completed the image with a few lines, took a picture and shared it on Instagram.

The reactions were so positive that he challenged himself to make one of these ‘shadow doodles’ every day. His social media followers have expanded, and he hasn’t stopped since then.

This gave him the idea for Shadowology, a series of doodles that interact with the shadows of simple, everyday objects: a banknote, some ice cubes, and a flower, for example, can turn into a church, a woman, and a hippy.

Check out his other shadow doodles on Instagram!

Vincent makes many of his images available as prints over on Etsy, where you can buy signed prints and postcards.