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Undiscovered: Meet Sari – Certified Holistic Health Coach @eatwelldetroit


Sari, a Detroit-based wellness blogger and nutrition coach, believes that a holistic approach is needed in terms of nutrition coaching and education.

As you scroll through her Instagram feed (@eatwelldetroit), you will see a lot of delicious, healthy diet foods!

Check out some of her amazing shots on Instagram.

Sari’s mission is to help other people in discovering the necessary tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

She is not a fan of “do not eat” list and setting a standard amount of calories to consume. Instead, she wants people to love foods by eating right and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Sari is currently living in Metro Detroit together with her husband Jacob, a medical student from Detroit.

Aside from her passion for nutrition and content creation, Sari also loves engaging in other activities such as hiking, writing, working out, cooking and traveling!

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