Meet Emanuele Ferrar aka the Emi from Emilife the instagram fashionista known for doing homemade parodies of celeb outfits.

With over 771,000 followers _emlife is literally one of the hottest instagrammers around right now. And it all started with the one Cara Delevingne outfit.

I mean have to admit – the resemblance is uncanny! Even Cara thinks so!

Emi’s entire insta feed is hilarious, but we’ve managed to pick out the top 15 parodies – at least for now. Ready?

1. Cabbage Patch Kids

2. Royal Trash

3. DIY Ombre Bitches

4. The Official Maccas Bouquet

5. Where is the lie?

6. Like a Prayer?

7. The Dollar Store Version of RiRi’s Pope-outfit

8. Zac Efron Grills minus the Efron

9. RiRi’s Aloe Vera Look

10. Remember to check for lumps!

11. Is it terrible that we prefer the one on the right?

12. Pizza Hilton

13. Vogue Fashion week: Office Supplies Edition

14. Look What You Made Me Do

15. Even the Queen wasn’t spared