Fans and fandoms are pretty amazing.

Starting from sold out concerts, to non-stop twitter trends, there are a zillion ways in which fans prove their dedication – having said that, one particular Spider Man fan of star Tom Holland has managed to set herself apart.

So what triggered the rabid fangirl’s this time?

At just 22 the super buff Spider Man star, took part in a photoshoot for GQ in 2017, that had set Tori Bernal’s fangirl heart aflutter!

As a young, up and coming Youtuber herself who goes by the username toribryanne on the platform – Tori knew she wanted to do something unique!

So, she did!

After some careful costume curation and location scouting, Tori decided to replicate Holland’s top four images for him, as her way of creating fan art.

For the first shoot, Tori replicated Tom’s sunglasses, and abstract maroon shirt with her own version, even adding in a chain for detail and of course that signature smile, and we can’t get over how cute this is – it practically looks like a couple’s photoshoot!

The next was a gorgeous royal blue two piece suit, with an inexplicable half ballet pose, and those same trade mark glasses – which once again – totally nailed it!

The third had Hollad smouldering off into the distance with a fork full of Chinese food – Tori even has the same coloured food items on her fork – We are dying!!

But hold on we’ve saved the best for last – seriously, just look!

White pants – Check

Floral Hawaiian Shirt – Check

White Lounger with green leafy shirt hanging over it – Check

Beats speakers on side table – Check

Turquoise plate with pool-side munchies – Check

Totally Awesome Fangirling – Check

Literally at this point, we’re fangirling for the Tom Holland’s fangirl

That tweet by the way, now has almost 40,000 retweets, on her mini-photoshoot. The only question now is  – has Tom seen? And what happens once he does?

Do you think he should take Tori out for an actual meal?

We are totally #TeamTori right now, just saying!