fruit is art

Here’s a bunch of examples of why your parents were wrong when they said “Stop playing with your food!”

To celebrate all of the creative people out there taking food and turning it into works of art, we have decided to share some of the most magnificent food art tweets that are currently trending on Twitter. Some of these pieces are truly complex and shows us just how creative the human brain can be.

1. Food is art or food as art?

An interesting showcase of some top-notch art pieces created with just food and a knife.

2. Watermelon sculpting

A creative combination of art pieces that have been created with watermelon as the canvas.

3. In celebration of National Ketchup Day…

A truly inspiring set of artworks created with ketchup as paint.

4. Salad bird’s nest

This would be a fun way to get the kids to eat their veggies… maybe?

5. Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan

Okay, so we’re not sure who Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan is… but these surely are two creative veggie characters!

6. A fruity pizza

Maybe not exactly art… but still a really creative idea!

7. The popcorn dress

The perfect way to enjoy a fashion show… great TV and some popcorn that represents the latest trends that will be revealed…

8. The frog burger

Creative, but could get a little creepy when you’re about to dig in!

9. Veggie rocket

Another great way to get your boys to eat their veggies!

10. Meatball marinara painting

Now this one is just too good for words…