Auto insurance companies can be pretty tough to navigate – and often the only ones you even hear about are the ones with enough budget to advertise. But truth of the matter is, car insurance is a very competitive space, and shopping around for the best rates is a critical part of the process – even if it is beyond annoying, not to mention time consuming.

Not to worry – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve managed to shortlist all of those infinite offers down to 5 companies, that offer you the best deals (and we receive no commission from them. Promise. You’ll find no affiliate links here.)

Impressive, eh?

Okay so, here are the Top 5 Online Car Insurance Companies that you should be checking out before you sign off –

5. Nationwide

Although Nationwide provides many different kinds of insurance it is perhaps best known for its car insurance, its excellent customer service, and hassle-free claims policy. They are also known to use SmartRide, a diagnostic device that tracks driving behaviour, which they use to determine your discount.

What’s more, the company actually goes backwards on its deductible for every year you stay accident-free!

4. The Hartford

Hartford, is an interesting choice for the middle of this list, particularly since, a lot of the ratings put it a bit further down the line.

Harford however, has a few key advantages, one being its policy range, which includes full replacement programs for new cars. The best bit however is in its coverage – Hartford covers mechanical breakdowns not cover by your car warranty which is what makes it a great purchase for first time car owners.

3. State Farm

As the largest national car insurance company, and has a stellar customer service record.

The company also, is in great financial standing and has the best online quote tool, so you know what you’re looking at and have examples of what coverage would suit your budget and needs!

2. Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance, also ranks highly in terms of car insurance. The company has good customer service, claims satisfaction and is easy to purchase.

It’s highlight however is its rate lock and accident forgiveness, the former allows you to hold on to your rate even if drivers or cars are changed, while the latter gives you a free pass if you’ve been a customer for 3 years prior to the accident.

1. Amica Mutual

Amica is by far the strongest company in terms of satisfaction ratings, particularly in terms of claims, and is consistently ranked within the top three in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction report, with a perfect score in 4 of the 7 areas surveyed.

But the cherry on top, is that the company is so financially stable that not only does it have great ratings, but it also does not have any repair facility restrictions, so you can use whoever you want!

Now you’ve got no excuse not to go and review your policy!