Meet Trevor!

4 year old Trevor is a ‘Sausage Dog’ or a Dachsund from Cheshire, England, who developed a crazy rare life threatening condition!

A few days ago, Trevor suddenly swelled up inexplicably.

In truth what had happened was, he had somehow developed a hole in his windpipe which started to leave air trapped under his skin, which in turn caused him to bloat, until he was over three times his actual size.

Crazy, eh?

Well it’s actually not that crazy this particular condition, which is called sub-cutaneous emphysema, usually occurs where air escapes from some sort of internal injury.

Which is why X-rays later showcased exactly how air was starting to get stuck under his skin every time he breathed in.

“He’d blown up like a balloon,” says Trevor’s owner, Fran Jennings, who had come home to find Trevor in this predicament.

Worried Ms. Jennings, quickly rushed Trevor from Lymm in Cheshire, to an animal to an emergency vet, where the condition was later diagnosed.

It was smooth sailing one the diagnosis came in though – Beech House Surgery’s Vet Michelle Coward, performed the procedure which relieved the pressure or in other words ‘deflated’ Trevor and then went on to stitch up the hole in his windpipe.

Which of course means Trevor is much better now, and back to chasing chickens, as his owner says – so we suppose all’s good.

Not that Twitter hasn’t had a few laughs –

Even BBC, couldn’t resist a pun –

So, what about you, do you think Trevor is past the wurst of it?