Lil Tay is a 9-year-old social media star with a bad-mouthed character. She has 2 million Instagram followers and her brand consists of videos where she says “bitch” and “n-word,” and waves bundles of cash in fancy cars and homes. Apparently, people are concerned about her behavior as she was being directed by her 16-year-old brother.

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Jason Tian, Lil Tay’s brother, is the main person guiding her controversial appearance on the internet. According to Diomi Cordero – the representative of the Tian family – Jason is the “mastermind” behind Lil Tay, while at the same time insisting that the siblings are collaborators.

You know Your that chick when You cause all this conversation 😏

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“It’s like Jake Paul and Logan Paul,” Jason said, stressing that he and Lit Tay work as a team.

Their mom, Angela Tian, also said that Jason is the one “guiding” his little sister. Her daughter is now home-schooled.

“He is the one, only one [who] did an excellent job for her, he guided her, did everything for her without anybody else involved,” she said.

Angela is a single parent and a real estate agent in Vancouver. However, she reportedly resigned from her job after Lil Tay filmed and used her boss’s car without any permission.

A recent footage where Jason coached his little sister has been criticized by many…

In the video, Lil Tay heavily sighs to her brother after asking, “What do I say?”

The footage was obtained by Keemstar – a YouTuber who breaks news regarding the goings-on in the world of internet celebrity.

Another video also shows that there is someone encouraging Lil Tay to parrot profanities.

Jason has no comment about the footage, but he said that the siblings will “continue to work together.”

Angela also commented regarding the working relationship of her children, saying that she is okay with it.


People are now blaming the adults and teen behind the girl’s behavior, tweeting that they want to “save” the little girl, under the hashtag “#SaveLilTay.”

There is also a petition to totally shutdown Lil Tay’s Instagram account.

Oh, Lil Tay…