Okay, so you want to build your own house but you aren’t sure about the designs yet.

Maybe, this one would give you an idea of what you really want.

Check out our favorite 20 awesome home designs…

#1. When your own house also gives you those vacation vibes!

Casa Fragata is a contemporary modern home from Houseporn

#2. Tbh, this house looks like a palace and a church.

Promont House Dusk, Milford Ohio [OC] [4000×5000] from Houseporn

#3. Oh, yes.. the classic tower home

Small villa with tower, Eurajoki, Finland [1198×674] from Houseporn

#4. Uhm, and this also looks like a Shinto shrine, right?

Little house in Kauai, Hawaii [OC][2448×3264] from Houseporn

#5. Simple, yet elegant…

Beautiful, Shou-sugi-ban covered, F-R Residence. Vancouver, British Columbia [1065×960] from Houseporn

#6. This house really ROCKS!

Boulder house – Fafe Mountains, Portugal [885×663] from Houseporn

#7. So yes, there’s a lobby lounge, a gym, and a pool inside the house…

Aspen, CO luxury living from Houseporn

#8. Huge, and perhaps, antique…

Victortorian style in Bosphorus Istanbul from Houseporn

#9. Modernized famrhouse

Southern Ostrobothnian style farmstead, Finland (1848) [3264×2448] from Houseporn

#10. This house looks small on the outside, but huge on the inside!

M Residence Orinda, California from Houseporn

#11. And this one as well!

Minimalist house among the trees, Berkeley CA from Houseporn

#12. Yup, that’s how you build a tree house.

Multi-Level Treehouse With WiFi & Power[1080×720] from Houseporn

#13. The view looks stunning…

Trout Lake House / Olson Kundig from Houseporn

#14. The lake reflects the perfection of the house…

Grey Gables, Lake Windermere, Lake District, Cumbria, UK from Houseporn

#15. When your house has a very huge yard…

A Quebec Estate Fit For Royalty Or Scarface[1600×1333] from Houseporn

#16. Yup, 9 bedrooms… you can accommodate as many visitors as you want…

9 bedroom house AKA when you have too much money -house, Tampere, Finland [1600×1069] from Houseporn

#17. This house faces specific views of the coastline and farmland…

Coastal house by Atelier Andy Carson features cantilevered rooms looking out to sea from Houseporn

#18. Indeed luxurious…

This Ain’t Your Typical Luxury Chalet [1600×1067] from Houseporn

#19. The house looks familiar? Coz it appears on Netflix’s “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”

The 747 Wing House, Santa Monica Mountains from Houseporn

#20. Ohh, this is indeed a modern house… Nice!

Modern house in Helsinki, Finland [977×652] from Houseporn