The researchers at NVIDIA may have introduced a game changer in image editing. Led by Guilin Liu, the company created a new AI imaging technique for reconstructing photos, giving you a realistic result in record time.

You can literally edit everything from removing items in photos, to filling holes in walls, and even airbrushing faces.

You can implement the “image inpainting” method to your photo editing software to add or remove any unwanted blemishes.

The downside? Now you definitely can’t trust anything you see online.

That Instagram model looks really skinny with amazing body? She’s probably airbrushing her pics like the magazines now. Photos of a house look amazing and perfect? Carpet stains might have been edited out using state of the art technology. And as for boys sending pictures of their junk? Probably shopped too! 😂🍆🕵🏼‍♀️

Below is a video of the technology at work, see for yourself just how insane this is!