Are you one of those people who love vacation and want to wear nothing? Like, completely nude?

Well, this new website – similar to Airbnb – is probably what you are looking for right now! The venture, called NaturistBnB, is recommended for naturists and nudists.

You can take off your clothes ANYTIME, and it guarantees a sunny destination.

Check out some of the properties they offer!

Riverfront Cabin on Thunder Mountain

Aphrodite Village naturist studios along Mediteranean Sea

Naturist holidays for couples

The couple Petri and Minna Karjalainen founded NaturistBnB, which is basically an Airbnb-like booking site for nudists and naturists.

The two decided to start this venture after hosting Airbnb homestay for nudists, but they felt it was impossible to do it effectively.

They decided to launch their own site for themselves and for everyone who loves to be naked on vacation.

The website has been operating for about two months now. It offers properties in Wales, England, US, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, South of France, Dominican Republic, and in the Welsh village of Llangunllo.

How these properties different to others?

The properties offered here have large gardens and there are no other properties overlooking them.

So no need to worry, no one’s watching you!

There are also rules imposed on every property. For example, the guest should always use a towel when they sit down naked to avoid stains being left behind.

The website also suggests making eye contact with guests, and do not stare at other people while naked.


Because: “A nudist environment should be a safe, non-sexual space.”