Looking For Employment? Check Out These Job Interview Horror Stories


    If you’re currently going through the process of writing your resume (or using a resume writing service), applying for jobs or internships, sitting through gruelling interviews and waiting anxiously for a rejection or acceptance letter… then we’ve got some stories that will cheer you up!

    Let’s face it, the whole job application process is pretty miserable for everyone involved (believe me, having been on both sides of the table nobody is enjoying that process!), so we’ve collated some of the best job interview horror stories around!

    So buckle up, kiddo!

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    The Most Cringe Answer Ever

    From “Nick Foote”
    I pulled an amazingly cringe-worthy move in one of my first interviews. I can’t believe how stupid I was. The interviewer got to the question of: “Do you have any convictions?”

    I sit there and ponder for a quite a few seconds, and then I say “Well, no, not really.”

    The interviewer just stares are me with his mouth slightly agape. I thought he means convictions as in “firmly held beliefs” as opposed to “convicted of a crime” which is a standard interview question. Not only was he surprised that it was taking me that long to think of the answer to a yes or no question, but then to have me give an wishy-washy answer. We laughed about it, awkwardly, and then I didn’t get the job.

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    An Unexpected Offer

    From “tricache”
    I went in for a basic web dev/data entry type job which was for a local government member’s office and ended up being asked if I would be interested in doing a S&M/bondage website….I left pretty quickly!

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    Right Interview, Wrong Research

    From “xyranius”
    So I went into my first interview (of several) having thoroughly researched the company (Rio Tinto), and why I wished to work with them. The first question of the interview comes up: “So what do you know about XStrata?”

    … Oops. Turns out the Rio interview was the one 3 days later.

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    How To Be Unforgettable

    From Professor Ad Man
    I had a job interview for a communication specialist position at The American Red Cross. The supervisor asked me to take a seat. As I scooted my chair back to make room for my portfolio, my seat hit the shelf behind me and I knocked over some stuff, breaking the man’s journalism awards. (He still offered me the job)


    The Most Heartbreaking Interview

    From Jobmob
    In the middle of a job interview, someone came in and told my interviewer that she needed to take a call. She picks up, and over the next 30 seconds she went from all-business, to horror, to breaking down in sobs and crying. Then she was helped from the room, with me sitting there wondering what the heck just happened.

    It turned out, that it was her doctor calling, to tell her that her husband had just died of a massive heart attack.”

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    It’s In The Stars…

    From Noholtzbarred
    Following an hour of good conversation, as I was leaving and shaking hands with the executive who interviewed me, he thanked me for my time. He then asked me to “please send me your astrological sign along with your salary requests and three references.”

    At first, I thought I misheard the request but he then explained that in the past the company would request a graphology report. After graphology test results have proven to be inconclusive, he requests the astrological signs of each candidate to determine if the perspective candidate will be a good match with the other staff members.

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    This Viral Interview

    From AOL
    Years ago, when I was getting ready to graduate, I was invited to interview at a bio-tech firm. When I was brought in to meet a VP of the company, he stood, sneezed into his bare hands and then extended his hand to me; which, since I was job-seeking, I shook.

    I then kept my right hand dangling off the edge of my chair taking care not to touch anything. I felt like I was on ‘Candid Camera.’ His desk was covered with a tissue box, cold medicine, cough drops and other sick paraphernalia. I quite literally ran from his office at the end of the interview to the ladies room to wash my hands!!!

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    When The “Past” Won’t Let Go…

    From Reddit
    This happened about a decade ago and I was applying for a bank teller position (entry level). I showed up on time, dressed nice – suit and a tie, had my resume printed up. But as I was waiting in the front office i had to fart so bad but I held it because it was just me and the receptionist. Plus I figured I could just let it pass while walking to the interviewers office, which I did.

    Unfortunately their office was only one door down (10 feet maybe) and the fart followed me into the office. I played it off the best I could but with just me and the interviewer it was known who passed the gas. I didn’t get the job.

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