Gambino, commonly known as SNL’s Donald Glover has just debuted at No.1 on Spotify’s Global Chart, and been YouTube’s most watched clip on each of the nine days since its debut.

The explicitly political country song has done the seemingly impossible and solidified a spot-on top of the Billboard Hot 100, partially due to and partially in spite of it addressing issues like gun violence, racial discrimination and police brutality head on.



Well, shot in a massive warehouse, the video starts by showing Glover dancing awkwardly in front of an ever-changing backdrop that goes from funny to not so funny after all in spilt seconds. In fact, even the awkward dancing bears an uncanny resemblance to Jim Crow – the icon of racial segregation.


This of course is no coincidence, given the video then goes on to show Gambino shooting a hooded figure and a gospel choir – starkly reminiscent of how black men have been shot indiscriminately and the 2015 Charleston Church Massacre.



And that is literally the tip of the iceberg –

Gambino ingeniously references ways in which black culture is appropriated, and simultaneously degraded – by showcasing dance moves up front with a massive riot going on in the background.

And as if that’s not enough, he goes on to throw in a few bible references with one of the four horsemen marching up behind him.

And, while it has a few more choice moments, like the allusion to car lynching, and the ‘that’s a celly, that’s a tool’ reference which take son how black children these days are forced to use livestreaming as a tool to stay alive and to expose the truth – it’s the final reference, where Glover is being chased by white people symbolizing white supremacy, as does Jordan Peele’s movie ‘Get Out’ that takes the cake.

It of course comes as no surprise to anyone that YouTube’s Tomi Lahren wannabe Nicole Arbour, decided that she needed to speak up about something she understands nothing about.

Cue eye-roll for the chick who claimed she’s tired of slavery, because she wasn’t there, and she didn’t do it.


Long story short?

Childish Gambino is genius, and we need MORE of him so we can hopefully educate more of her and her ilk.