So, yes, the Royal Wedding is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done talking about it!

The newly titled, Duchess of Sussex’s wedding gown was a hit or miss for most people, with some people loving the simple soft glam, while others, such as Shade Queen Katy Perry, complained about it not being ‘fitting enough.

People of course took to twitter to talk about it and it was then that a few of the Twitterati pointed out that the dress was oddly familiar.

Anyone else get JLO in the Wedding Planner vibes from Meghan Markle’s dress? 🤔 #whoworeitbetter #royalwedding @JLo #meghanmarkle #theweddingplanner

In fact, it’s not just the dress, look at that hair! that classic simple updo, and the veil! (Okay, yes Meg’s veil was much more Princess-y, but come on!)

Just look!

And of course there were the few who actually went there –

J-Lo’s was cream colored as Meghan’s should have been for a second time around!

Anyway – on a better note, Twitter-sphere also noted that the wedding dress, wasn’t the only dress that seemed to be Hollywood inspired – HBO seemed to have been part of the wedding team to if the reception dress is anything to go by –

Even Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood seemed to get a kick out of it

Today’s Lesson?

You can take the Duchess out of Hollywood, but you can’t take the Hollywood out of the Duchess!