If you’re into website design, great graphic design or even just things that look nice, prepare to be visually satisfied.

We’ve scoured the Internet for some great design and examples to provide you some satisfaction in your day.

Whether it’s UX, UI, Material Website Design, or Graphic Design, we got you covered!

This amazing animated signup form

Not your average website loading screen… 

A 20-sided die for IT “bug report responder”

(More cool and nerdy, but still fun)

Pure code animated watch…

Built using only lines of text… Hard to actually imagine the text when it looks this good!

This UX design focused washing machine, ahead of it’s time!

ANOTHER cool web loading screen…

Google Fonts website has a great landing page – straight to the point and shows you want you want to see

Google directs you straight to the fonts without any fuss

Even if you hate Apple, their website landing page for the iPhone X is pleasing to my eye…

Landing page design - Apple

This cool business logo

This powerline tower

 I don’t know why, but this has me mesmerised…

If you’re in the design game, this is dedicated to you.

Keep doing that great work. We love you.

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