In honor of 4/20 day, here’s the best from around the web.

1. This Almighty Sight To Behold

2. Cops setting up “4/20 Day Traps”

3. This Canadian Sobriety Test

 4. A “High Elf” on a D&D Night

5. These Lit 4/20 Memes

6. Ummm…

 7. This Didn’t Go The Way He Expected…

8. Woah… That’s A Lotta Bongs…

 9. These Geniuses…

10. Happy Birthday to This Little Dude

11. Homer Gets A Mention!

12. How I React When I Get Asked If I Smoked Today

MRW my coworkers asks if I smoked today from r/trees

13. Nice Netflix.

14. Get Yourself Some Ben & Jerry’s

15. Well he’s not wrong…

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