Most A&E doctors go in to work, knowing that they need to expect the unexpected.

Now, while most days seem to go by pretty unremarkably, such was not the case for Dr. Muir Wallace last week, as a picture of him manning the ER Department of Waikato Hospital, in New Zealand, with an adorable baby attached to his shoulder, went viral.

The photo, which was taken and posted by a colleague, with relevant permissions from the child’s mother, shows Dr. Wallace, famed baby whisperer and ED Consultant extraordinaire, carefully scanning an important page on the ER monitor while the little guy is all cuddled up to him and naps away. Titled, ‘Sometimes All You Need is a Hug’, the post now has almost 4,000 reactions on Facebook, and was put up by Waikato Hospital’s resident social media master Mike, who gives us a glimpse of just one of the many superheroes without capes roaming the hallways of Waikato Hospital.

The baby’s mother was unwell and had to be taken in for several tests, while the baby was in desperate need of a nap.

While other members of staff had tried to step in a comfort the child, it was only Dr. Wallace who was finally able to soothe the child, while he continued to run the entire ER Department for the next hour, with his tiny friend safely nested in his arms.

But this isn’t the first time Muir has amazed patients with his kindness – as Cherie Smillie commented in detail, how Dr. Muir took extra care with her son who suffered burns when he visited the hospital.

Muir reminds us again that, not only do all heroes not wear capes, but it truly is kindness that heals the deepest wounds.