The latest feature of Google’s AI assistant sounds 100% like a real human. Google CEO Sundar Pichai showcased this new feature at Google I/O 2018 – the annual developer conference.

The Google Duplex, which is probably the creepiest feature demoed at the conference, can make a phone call on your behalf to make an appointment, and the live human on the other line isn’t even aware that she’s talking to a machine.

Here is an example of how the new AI feature works.

It really sounds like a female voice, doesn’t it? Right down to the “Mm-hmm,” response of the AI. It is very natural, colloquial, and deceptive – just like a real human being!

In another example, the Google Assistant booked a table on a restaurant sounded like a deep male voice.


According to CNET, this demo is only a part of Google’s “experiment,” and will roll out to “small” number of people this coming summer. Google also refused to make a live demo with the CNET reporter, suggesting that the AI is still imperfect.

Moreover, a blog post from Google pointed out that Duplex can only do natural conversations “after being deeply trained.” For these two demos, the AI has been trained in a hair salon and restaurant bookings.

Google also emphasized that “it cannot carry out general conversations.” The AI system will automatically turn the phone call to the human operator when it can’t complete the task.

Google being next level creeps…