The number of houses damaged by Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has jumped to 31. According to the Hawaii officials, the homes destroyed by the volcano are located at the Leilani Estates residential subdivision.

The number of homes lost was updated following aerial survey from the subdivision. Some of the evacuated residents are now preparing themselves for the possibility of not returning to their homes for a while, if ever.

Heartbreaking footage posted by WXChasing on Facebook also captured the moment when the lava spewed on to local streets on Hawaii’s Big Island, before destroying a Ford Mustang.

Here is the actual footage:

Time lapse from dash cam of the wall of lava consuming the Ford Mustang.

Posted by WXChasing on Sunday, 6 May 2018

Last Saturday, almost 240 people and 90 pets spent their night at shelters. Some of the residents were permitted to go back to the area on Sunday to get their documents, pets, and medicines.

The lava has spread across almost 36,000 square meters. Although this movement rate is relatively slow, there is still no indication when will it stop and how far it may go.

“There’s more magma in the system to erupt. As long as that supply is there, the eruption will continue,” Wendy Stovall noted, a US Geological Survey volcanologist.

Thousands of residents were ordered to leave on Friday following the earthquake

A 5.7-magnitude tremor struck the island on Friday, promoting Kilauea volcano to erupt. According to the authorities, the earthquake is considered to be the largest to hit Hawaii since 1975.

Although there are no reported injuries, people were immediately evacuated as the quake damaged several houses, triggered the destruction of coastal cliffs, and prompted fresh eruptions from the volcano. It also caused small changes in the sea-level but there is was tsunami indication.

Scientists are now anticipating more earthquakes and eruptions in the coming months. Janet Babb, the spokeswoman of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said: “Eruptive activity is increasing and is expected to continue.”

The air is unsafe because of the high levels of sulfur dioxide gas spewed from the volcano

The mayor’s office advised those who have respiratory issues, the young, and the elderly to follow the mandatory evacuation order. Governor David Ige said that the residents are being sheltered in community centers until the dangers brought by the volcano passed.