Cashing In On Avicii’s Death

Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, was found dead on the night of April 20 in his hotel room in Oman. The police ruled out criminal wrongdoing in his death, and a statement from Avicii’s family hints suicide. However, there’s an article circulating on the internet claiming that 28-year-old Swedish DJ has been murdered while he was trying to expose a pedophile ring.

Following the death of Avicii, a website called NeonNettle published an article suggesting that he was killed for attempting to “expose a pedophile ring.” The article claimed that Avicii hinted child trafficking ring in his 2015 video “For a Better Day,” but this is actually false.

During the release of the video, Avicii directly acknowledged that the subject intended to tackle child trafficking issue, especially in war-torn countries. But, the video itself is not exposing a particular subject of a pedophile ring.

The article also claimed that Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park were murdered for trying to “expose a pedophile ring operating in the music industry.”

The two were said to be working together to expose a pedophile ring before they died in 2017. However, this claim from NeonNettle is also fabricated by another fake reference,

The entire article is full of speculations, and the references used from other sources are baseless and not true at all.

The sources of these fake news…

The articles from NeonNettle website are associated with other fake sources such as the The publishes articles with subjects like sex abuse, specifically connected to minors. Majority of the published articles from this website are all about this particular subject.

The inaccuracy of the report from NeonNettle and other fake news sources proved that not all what we read on the internet is true. Some are only conspiracy theories to make the readers believe…