BTS, aka Beyond the Scene, aka Bangtan Sonyeondan, have officially dropped their latest Hit Single – ‘Fake Love’ and the Twittersphere is DYING!

And OMG the theories!

I mean it’s not like as an ARMY (their cool AF fandom name), is new to BigHit and the boys drowning them in theories – but the MV seems to have levelled up and ensured, that super-sleuth ARMY’s have to put in more than the usual google time to figure out what is going on.

So what is it about? Well Fake Love obviously, but the boys seem to be speaking particularly about how people (perhaps their fans) love a carefully curated version of themselves who they don’t really recognise.


Not to fear, we’ve got you covered with a quick break down of the MV and some of the ‘symbolism’ behind their props and shots –


1. Jin and his ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Reference

The Infamous BTS ‘Smeraldo’ has made a cameo literally seconds into fake love – trapped much like the magical rose in the classic fairy-tale, Beauty and the Beast.

But that’s not it, much like the Beast, Jin is super protective of his ‘Smeraldo’ – aka fake flower, and even as his room (or he?) implodes, he dives forward to save it.

As if he is trying to save his fake love (or the fake love he recieves), even though he knows it’s fake.

2. Namjoon to J-Hope – From Warehouse to Amusement Park props

Okay so hear me out – the next bit of imagery is pretty visually jarring, initially you have Namjoon walking through talking about how he doesn’t know who he is and boom in second we have J-Hope on the floor in a dark gloomy room room full of brightly coloured children’s toys. Trying to break out of the room but failing.


Almost as if they are saying they went from rags to riches, but their riches are tainted, because the adoration they receive is fake, to the point where they don’t even recognise their real selves anymore.

3. The Constant Judgement

So it’s no surprise that international superstars like BTS may feel like they are constantly being watched and judged.



But Jimin and JK’s skit shows us exactly how suffocating and terrifying that can be.

Bonus: JK and Jin’s scenes are interposed so it looks like when JK doesn’t like what he’s seeing, Jin’s flower aka fake love, turns to dust.

Kind of how fans abandon their faves if they see something their not too happy with (coughdatingrumourscough)

4. TaeTae’s cry for help

Right after, as the chorus goes ‘I’m so tired of this fake love’, V, is shot in an archway, covered in frames (screens of some sort?) and phones.




Which seconds later light up to the infamous – ‘Save Me/I’m Fine’ palindrome from Love Yourself: Her.

5. Jin’s Sweatshirt 

This one was a shocker for me so, like seriously cordi noona shoutout time, the hoodie is called World Impact and well – the description is pretty self explanatory.



The Kings are back! And given the theories stockpiling, it’s safe to say CIA training for ARMY’s has resumed!