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Albert Vs Arthur: Prince Number 3 And The Accidental Reveal


Prince William, doting father of three, may have been pretty evasive as he was interviewed, following the birth of his third son, born at 8lbs, 7oz, at 11.01am on St George’s Day, only mentioning that the royal couple were ‘working on it’ – and later adding that it was a ‘a strong name’, but it seems like the Royal Website’s administrators were being left in the dark, so were preparing for anything!

The fan favourites for the bookies were “Arthur” and “James”

The Royal Families official online portal had a page reserved under the name Prince Albert as you’ll see in the screenshot below. Royal fans have tried alternative names on the list only to be faced with Page Not Found, which led many to believe the name had been decided.

“Arthur” hasn’t been used in a while by the royal family given the relevant King Arthur mythology, what many of us seem to be forgetting is that Albert has equally royal roots.

Not only is Albert, the name of the Queen’s Father, but it also happens to be one of Prince Harry’s and Prince Andrew’s middle names, making it a possible nod to the close brotherhood shared by Princess Diana’s two sons.

Harry and William are both known to share an exceptional bond, especially after the tragic death of their mother.

Harry is also known to be quite close with Kate as well, making a token nod, all the more likely.

Besides – given Harry’s upcoming nuptials, maybe William naming George’s spare after his own was his early wedding gift!