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3 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Plan to Visit Pula, Croatia Right Now


It’s finally that time of the year again – sun-surf and sand between your toes, so the only thing you really need to do now, is figure out where you’re headed. Only not really, cause if you are planning a trip anywhere this year – it literally has to be in Pula!



1. It’s literally the best of both worlds

When you’re planning a Eurotrip, the most common dilemma is trying to figure out whether you should let your inner kid out, and plan for those gorgeous Spanish beaches or if you should be touring those ancient Roman ruins you’ve spent most of your adult life reading about.

With Pula – you don’t even have to choose. You can literally take a dip in the glittering Adriatic Sea, while you pop over to take a peak a some of the best preserved Roman ruins in world, yup, the world! (Goodbye, over budget Roman holiday!)

2.  The Food (OMG the fuži pasta)

Okay – so admittedly when you think food and Europe – we automatically think of Italy, I mean hello capital of pizza, pasta and gelato.

BUT, here’s the thing – Istria was actually part of Italy all the way until 1947, which means the Italian vibe is still strong, only better cause Istria, which is famous for its white truffles, and its veal sauce pasta, coupled of course with it’s unique Malvasian Wine.

And if that’s not to your taste, don’t forget, Pula is a major fishing port which means the Limski Canal is literally oyster heaven!

3. The Parties!!

And finally – you have the Festivals! If there is one thing you can’t miss out on once you get to Pula it is the Parties –              

On one hand you have the Outlook and Dimensions Festivals, and a string of beach clubs dotting the exotic Adriatic coastline, while on the other you have movies at the old Austro-Hungarian Kastel, or a posh classical concert at the local Forum.

Hold on – we’re not done yet – if you happen to be flying out from Britain, Skyscanner has flights to Pula starting from only £44 pounds, making Pula not just the ideal summer holiday, but an actually affordable one!