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16 GIFS that Flipped the Internet Inside Out this Week


Now, the internet can be a dark, dark place. Those of us who have ended up on the other side of YouTube already know that (NGL still scarred!).


There are a few moments of redemption – Gifs being one of the best. So, here are 16 examples of the internet not being the absolute worst –

1. Evidence of Cats being Demonic Assholes

2. The Definition of Zen 

Rain at a Japanese temple

3. World Domination: The One Eyed Raven Version


Like shooting fish in a barrel

4. K F Sea (Pun intended)


Enjoying a day at the beach

5. The Cat chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter


“Don’t put me in the cage, I want to stay with you.”

6.Throw like a girl, you said…

7. Peek-a-Boo



8. Grand Theft Doggo


Gamer dog.

9. Playing with Yourself: Elephant Edition

10. A Boatload of Trouble


Well, that sucks.


12.Vroom. Vroom. Sploosh.

13. Toy Story 5: The Wash-walkers Editon


A moment of silence at the carwash

14. Me 1! Me 2! Me 3!


Box full of happiness!

15. Ouch?

I had a mini heart attack from r/RedditInReddit