16 Dogs That Are Basically Humans


    Why are dogs a man’s best friend? Is it because they’re loyal, friendly and often work alongside us?

    Or is it because they’re basically furry little humans who have just as many emotions that we do?

    Here’s 16 dogs that show so much emotion they’re basically human.

    1. “No, please!”

    2. When you had a really long Monday and you just stand in the shower for ages…

    3. When you have a fight with your bae and you’re ignoring them

    4. I’ve watched this 100 times and I’m still not sure if this dog is trying to make the boy feel better or if he’s giving him a stern borking to

    5. Me when I want food

    6. This doggo who is so excited to see his hero in person

    7. This particularly fussy dog who wants only his best side taken is every basic ever

    8. Accurate representations of what my mood swings look like…

    9. TBH, don’t even try to make me beg for my food…

    10. Sometimes, you’re just not feeling it…

    11. Nobody gets more jealous than me… other than this dog.

    12. In fairness, I’m sure that doggo had waited like 10 minutes for his turn I’d react like that too…

    13. This explains SO much!

    14. My shame face looks like this too

    15. When you’re feeling majestic AF

    16. Me trying to study

    A puppy’s attention span