12 Hilarious Poorly Captioned WikiHow Illustrations


    Have you heard about Disney Vacation? If you think that it is a website that shares information about the perfect spots on Disneyland, well I’m sorry to say, but you are wrong!

    Disney Vacation is basically a Reddit community where you can find and share the weirdest, most terrible, and funny illustrations from WikiHow.

    Here are the 15 hilarious illustrations that will make you ROFL!

    1. When you LITERALLY want to kill yourself with a “fudge”

    How To Commit Suicide Using The Word Fudge from disneyvacation

    2. When the only option you have to lose weight is this…

    How To Lose Weight FAST from disneyvacation

    3. When you know you did something wrong but keep on denying it…

    How to easily commit mitosis from disneyvacation

    4. When you’re feeling it, but need to hide it… LOL

    How to subtly hide your erection in public from disneyvacation

    5. When you want to act normal… but you know you’re not!

    How To Visually Communicate Your Intellectual Handicap. from disneyvacation

    6. When you’re so subtle in telling your boyfriend that you are lesbian…

    How to hide the fact you’re lesbian from you boyfriend from disneyvacation

    7. When you want to show your friends how good you are in doing something…

    How to show your friends how good you are at deepthroating. from disneyvacation

    8. When birds are the only friends you have…

    How to initiate a conversation after arguing with your birds. from disneyvacation

    9. When you want to hide the smell of your fart in public…

    How to sit after a particularly aggressive shit from disneyvacation

    10. When you want money from grandma… so you need to act like an intellectual person…

    How to get grandma to accept the plea deal from disneyvacation

    11. When you and your friend have the same mindset…

    How to propose a suicide pact during a casual conversation from disneyvacation

    12. Lastly, when your teacher says Math is easy, but you know it’s not!

    How to do quick maths, but wrong from disneyvacation