I wonder how magic really works….

Is there a sort of sorcery behind it? Or these are all just tricks?

I mean, c’mon! Some magics are really mind-blowing! I couldn’t even figure out how such things happen.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter how they were done as magic tricks are really fascinating!

Check out these tricks that will surely blow your mind!

1. This closet

Magic Closet

Wow! A very flexible closet..

2. Rightward Pointing Arrow

This arrow is literally confusing!

3. Sly Rotation

Is this a camera trick or what?!

4. High-Level Sorcerer Casts A Levitation Spell On His Hat

Black magic.

Really, like how did this happen???

5. Throwable Fire Extinguishers

Anti-fire grenade

This fire extinguisher is a life-saver!

6. Blackmagicfuckery Usually Done By Drinking A Magic Elixir

blackmagicfuckery usually done by drinking a magic elixir.

Uhm, that’s also me trying to balance my life… lol

7. Jointless

Having a leg up on everyone else.

…or she’s boneless, perhaps?

8. Extremely Clear Frozen Lake

Extremely clear frozen lake

Clear as glass!

9. This wallet

This wallet knows how to secure your money…

10. Firebending

Lighting candle by smoke