You want to sell your mirror online, but how would you capture it without including any parts of yourself in the reflection?

Some people make a perfect shot, while others have awkward poses!

These 10 hilarious pictures show why selling mirror on the internet is a thing right now:

1. Mirror Marketing At Its Finest

Mirror marketing at its finest from Mirrorsforsale

This is how you market your mirror!

2. Found On Craigslist

found on craigslist from Mirrorsforsale

I thought it’s just a mirror selfie in his bathroom…

3. Slightly Confusing Perspective

Slightly confusing perspective from Mirrorsforsale

It took me some time to realize that I am already looking in the mirror…

4. She Says It’s A Swimsuit And Not Underwear

She says it’s a swimsuit and not underwear from Mirrorsforsale

Does wearing a bikini to market your mirror is a requirement?

5. Rules Don’t Specify That It Needs To Be A Mirror

Rules don’t specify that it needs to be a mirror (noun), so here is a mirror (verb), toaster style. from Mirrorsforsale

Hmm… maybe a toaster mirror would give me a better reflection?

6. Dog Not Included

Dog Not Included from Mirrorsforsale

I’m willing to buy the mirror as long as the dog is included! Lol

7. Severed Head!

Severed head! from Mirrorsforsale

Which one is for sale?

8. Least Possible Effort

Least possible effort from Mirrorsforsale

This guy is so chill!

9. Black Cat and a Mirror. What Could Go Wrong?

Black Cat and a Mirror. What Could Go Wrong? from Mirrorsforsale

Is this a sign of a bad luck?

10. Strike A Pose

strike a pose from Mirrorsforsale

When you’re too cool in selling your mirror…

11. Jorts.

Jorts. from Mirrorsforsale

I thought this man is just walking on the street and decided to capture this mirror

If you can’t really get a perfect shot, well, why don’t you try photoshop?